Andrea Gangini.


Cosa faccio

I am a full stack developer and data analyst with a passion for solving complex problems and creating value for businesses. I have experience in developing web applications using various technologies such as PHP, Java J2EE, Hibernate, javascript. I also have skills in data analysis, visualization, and machine learning using SQL and Power Bi.

In addition to my technical skills, I am also proficient in Project Management and Cost Analisys, due to my past experience.

At Procurement, I work on building and maintaining scalable and user-friendly solutions for managing procurement processes and data. I collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand the business needs and deliver high-quality products that meet the requirements and expectations. I also leverage data to provide insights and recommendations for improving efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction.

I am also actively developing a web portal that streamlines the procurement workflow and improves the communication between buyers and suppliers using the Codeigniter PHP Framework and a back-end batch engine in Java. The web portal also acts as a data warehouse that stores and integrates procurement data from various sources and formats. The web portal enables users to access and query the data warehouse using a graphical user interface or a RESTful API. The web portal also provides data quality checks and alerts to ensure the data warehouse is accurate and up-to-date.

I am always eager to learn new things and explore new challenges. I enjoy working in a dynamic and collaborative environment where I can share my knowledge and learn from others. I am looking for opportunities to grow my skills and contribute to the success of the organization.


Chi sono

I am a seasoned professional with a diverse background in ICT and business process management. I have a strategic vision and a focus on delivering results and value for my clients. I excel at communicating, leading and collaborating with different teams and stakeholders. I have successfully managed and executed various complex projects, assessing their risks, costs and benefits. I thrive in challenging and dynamic environments, where I can demonstrate my perseverance and role awareness.


La mia esperienza

  • 2020-07 - ADESSO - Project manager in ambito ICT @ Cedacri Spa (Ion Group)
  • 2011-11 - 2020-06 - Project manager in ambito ICT (FTE) @Sarce Spa (DGS Group)
  • 2010-11 - 2011-11 - IT Consultant @ImageBuilding Digital
  • 2008-04 - 2010-11 - Technical analyst @ Gruppo PA
  • 2001-01 - 2008-10 - Web developer / system administrator Mimesi S.r.l.
  • 1997-05 - 2005-10 - Owner @AdviMark S.a.s.


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